DocStoc has launched in private beta. A little while ago we wrote about the DocStoc website that allows users to share documents with others on the site.

DocStoc has made beta invitations available for Bizorigin readers. Use the invite code BZR81LH09RF3.

The beta invite from DocStoc, located in Beverly Hills, California, caught our eye because CEO Jason Nazar not only asked for feedback on the product, but also put his (only) cell phone number in the email, and promised to reply to any phone calls and mails.

So far so good on the beta testing. We uploaded a pdf document (The Art of the Fast VC Pitch). The document appeared on the site with a minimum of fuss, and was viewed, according to the online document stats.

The site also allows for documents to be marked as private. That can come in handy when you just want to save a document online for your own use such as when you are traveling and need to access a document and don’t have the bandwidth needed to remotely access your PC.

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