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Predictify the Presidential elections Question: Who is going to win the Democratic primary nomination Prediction: Barrack Obama That is according to Predictify, an online site crowdcasting site that uses the wisdom of the masses to “predict” the outcome of events. The Preditify process is simple. On the site, you can either predict the outcome of […]

SunRocket : Casualty Of Patent War

Toni just posted a note on the Sunrocket and every point she makes is true! Cable companies are encroaching the VoIP business turf; SunRocket was bleeding and without a major cash infusion, it was not going to survive for long, but the event that precipitated its demise was the patent war between Verizon and Vonage. […]

Google Adsense : Biggest Moneymakers

I wouldn’t say that Google Adsense revolutionized the web content business, but it has been “pennies from heaven” for content sites. Just to get an idea of the scale of the money from the AdSense, here are the biggest earners (the numbers are mostly from 2005-6) (i) PlentyOfFish.com: Adsense earnings, $300,000 per month. Its a […]

Twiistup 3

I had the chance to attend the Twiistup 3 event last Wednesday, which took place in Venice, CA at “Air Conditioned.” For those who are unfamiliar with Twiistup, it’s a quarterly event thrown at a nightclub to showcase prominent tech start-ups in southern California. The hip venue, dim lights and flowing drinks establish Twiistup as […]

The Google Adwords : The Reality

Yes, this is the reality of the online marketing; been there, done that! Even now, it is so common to find big holes in the calculations people do in their business models – grossly underestimating the cost of marketing, especially online adwords marketing. Just a few weeks ago, I saw a presentation where the company […]

The Forbes Billions

And so are we in a recession? You wouldn’t know it from the latest Forbes billionaires list which now boasts of 1,125 members, breaking four digits for the first time. Bill Gates is down at number three, giving up the number one spot to his good buddy Warren Buffett , at $62 billion – with […]

Creating Organs Might Be As Easy As Printing!

Organovo, a life sciences startup, recently succeeded in “printing” chicken heart cells in a petri dish, that resulted in tissue that actually beat, in the way a real heart would! Organovo, is in the process of bringing to market a pioneering 3D tissue engineering process that promises to revolutionize the testing of pharmaceutical drugs and […]