ramayanSony Online Entertainment announced on August 9th, 2007, that they will be coming out with an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game based on the Virgin Comics “Ramayan 3393 AD”.

The Ramayan is a 5000+ year old epic which describes the life of Lord Rama, and his clash with the demonical Ravana, in a monumental struggle that ends with the victory of good over evil. The story of the Ramayan has all the ingredients of heroism, evil, and the eternal power struggle between the two, which one can imagine making up the basis of a really fast paced, and exciting fantasy game.

Virgin comics, producer of the comic book “Ramayan 3393 AD”, is one of those iconic productions, which boasts of larger than life personalities, all the way. It was founded by Richard Branson, the dare devil, thrill seeking uber-entrepreneur, Deepak Chopra – the enigmatic doctor and spiritual teacher, and Shekhar Kapur, the brilliant Indian film maker, who received an Oscar nomination for his movie “Elizabeth”.

ramayan 2

Virgin Comics has published several comic titles based upon Indian mythology. The company seeks to re-tell traditional stories in a creative, and sometimes fantastical, fashion.

Now Sony Online Entertainment is planning to carry the story telling to the next level with an MMO game for the PC, that is geared not only towards the growing Indian gaming market, but also the international audience which is expected to welcome a new universe of characters and stories, from one of the oldest and most colorful cultures in the world.

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