Here is the proof that the Google is better/stronger/more powerful than God and comments on Google acquiring God.

God Vs. Google:


GG 1

GG 2

GG 3

GG 4

(The reason I refer to God as in Beta mode, is because the specs for God have not been fully developed yet and they may change at any time. The red color of the text indicates that either God or Google is deficient in that category and the points refer to how close they are in catching up to the goal.)

* From Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. and are fan sites and is owned by a cybersquatter.

Since Google is ahead in so many categories, I don’t even need to count the points. Google is stronger than God!

Some columnists have (wrongly) suggested that Google is God. There is no God at Google. ( leads to a server not found error.)

There are rumors that Google is in talks with high ranking officials at Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca to possibly acquire God. In recent job posting, Google looked for candidates with extensive religious background, which could be a hint.

Since “God” has G as the first letter in its name, some have argued that Google might have already acquired God, and it is already a done deal. Analysts disagree whether Google will release an improved God (God 2.0) or an open source God (renamed as gOD).

google god




You can also visit The Church of Google, where they believe that Google IS God and suggest taking a pledge Do You Accept Google As Your Default Search Engine?. I disagree with their conclusion and refuse to take that pledge.

Please visit next week (or subscribe to the RSS feed) for an article on Why I am scared of Google, and what am I doing about it.

Do you have additional reasons to prove/disprove the hypotheses? Does God talk to you sometime? Do you have any inside information? Pl. leave a comment.

Happy Thanksgiving, May God Google be with you!

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