crowdspiritThe Digital Wall Calendar combines calendars for every member of a family, no matter what program or website they are on, into one gadget.

What a neat idea! Where can I buy it?

Well, it’s almost there, all that’s left now for this concept is the software, hardware, and design experts, as well as investors.


This is a classic example of crowd sourcing for ideas. The idea is the first finalist picked by the members of CrowdSpirit, a new gadget-by-committee project.

A pre Web 2.0 site that has been doing the crowd sourcing of ideas has been around for a long time, the Their latest suggestion- Paper Money Origami Folding Machine:

Some tourist attractions have those machines where you stick a penny and 4 quarters in and it squishes the penny into a medallion with an imprint of the Golden Gate Bridge or something as a souvenir.

I think the same idea applied to paper money would be even cooler. Have a machine that folds the dollar, pound note etc. into some location specific trinket like the Eiffel Tower or the Sidney Opera House. I’m pretty sure you can make anything out of origami. It would also be more exciting to watch than a penny being squished.

And lets not forget the cream cheese rings – Pre-packaged, preformed, cream cheese rings separated by thin plastic sheets. Just peel and toss on the bagel. (I did find at least one paper on robotic origami folding on the net and I am sure there are techniques developed for metal sheet folding which can be applied here and of course peanut butter has been available as slices for a while.)

Lets get the crowd sources and crowd chipin folks together.

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